Sprint Review Day Summary - May 10th 

  • New “effect” for enemy enchanters
  • Moving light source + sound details
  • Dogs, nugs, and horned creatures (Qunari, ogres, or maybe new creature?)
  • Teasers about E3
  • Sandstorms

Chris Priestly - Bioware Community doyen
Mark Darrah - Executive Producer of the DA Franchise
Cameron Lee - Bioware Producer

OP forgot to mention that the (Frostbite) toolset was briefly mentioned by Mary Kirby (one of the writers). If this is something that the public can use, then that opens up two opportunities:

  1. Tool similar to DA:O’s toolset that can be used for mods, custom quests, and machinima content creators
  2. Future possibility for Mass Effect 4 and other titles having mod toolsets