"… And, at any rate, you can already see what he looks like in-game. I believe his in-game model was posted on the BioWare blog in the December update. That still doesn’t tell you what he’s about, or gives you any better impression of what kind of LI he would make (as this is evidently the only purpose of characters)…

…But not every character is a LI. And, even for those that are, the art team is going to design their appearance to be interesting and tied to the actual character themselves…they’ll go for presence before they go for attractiveness... but if the idea is that all characters exist to first be pretty no matter their role in the game…then that’s simply not the case. Even for a character that’s a LI, if they’re someone you don’t personally find attractive…oh well? Guess you’ll have to find someone else or go without.”

Lead Writer, David Gaider, on the appearance of the new elf character. [x] [x]