Dragon Age: Keep Update

Common questions answered via Fernando Melo, Director of Online Development at Bioware: 

- DA Keep will launch before DAI. Sometimes we will figuratively say ‘month’ or ‘months’ but at the end of the day, there is no exact date yet. We have our target obviously which is in that timeframe, but the real date will be determined as we get closer to that target. It will depend on many things including how our beta testing is going, and how/when in the DAI communications plan is the right time to talk about it, and ultimately how soon before DAI to open the doors to all. Believe me, once we have a date locked we will definitely make that known.

- DA Keep is alive and well. We’ve been letting in beta users since late Dec. Purposefully, the numbers were very small to begin with. That helped us ensure even bare basics like beta login and feedback mechanisms (critical for a successful beta) were all in place and working as intended. The lower numbers also meant it was easier to collect more qualitative/verbose feedback on features, and react early enough to that. As we get closer to launch, we can now let in more and more users with each wave. Ultimately, as we get ready to open doors to all, we’ll shift more into load testing where we will be letting in the largest waves of users.

- Why do I still not have an invite? I wish it was possible to just let everyone in, as it is awesome to see so many of you genuinely interested in participating. But a few logistical reasons: 1) We don’t select by date applied - so applying on day 1 does not guarantee you’re first in. 2) Depending on what they are looking to test on any given wave, the team will select applicants that match that criteria (that could everything from level of experience with previous games, to what you wrote in your app). 3) From that group, the team then randomly picks out a rough target number of users for the wave. Again, depends on what they want to test, and accounts for enough % of folks that may not respond in time. 4) Odds. Even as we’re adding more beta users and increasing the size of each wave, we continue to get more beta applications - so I would guesstimate that we are probably around 3-5% ratio of beta users to applicants. This will continue to get better over time as we add more and more users, but that is a big factor in why so many have not yet received an invite - reality is that the majority have not, sadly. Not yet anyway. ;)

- DA Keep does not use any files whatsoever. There’s no import (although we are still continuing to look at this, the priority remains with getting the rest in place and solid), and there is no file based export. That means you don’t copy any files around, or use a USB or anything like that. You login to DAI, opt to sync from Keep and DAI grabs the data it needs, and you’re done (you can actually logoff/disconnect at that point if you want, and can play rest of DAI with no further Keep logins needed until you want to start another game and import a new world in).

- "Lots"™ of choices. Mark mentioned in an interview that there are over 300 so far, which is accurate, and we continue to add more at the request of the beta users so far. Obviously (I think), not everything will be reflected in DAI. The purpose of Keep is to capture your world as faithfully as we can for future use. Before we launch we’ll reveal more info on Keep, and as part of that I’d like to get you a better idea of what you can expect.

(semi-legaleeze) Make a note of the time and date of this post - this info is correct as of ‘right now’.  Plans do change though, and we may need to revise those statements over time, but for now that is where we are at. (/semi-legaleeze)

Source: BSN