Dragon Age: Inquisition - Gameplay Trailer Breakdown 
An in-depth analysis on the latest gameplay trailer by Bioware, giving you context of the world of Dragon Age.

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Hi, my name is Ashe. Let’s talk Dragon Age.

If you haven’t seen the latest Last Hope trailer from Bioware, please for the love of the Maker, pause this video and watch the newly released video at youtube.com/dragonageofficial. Don’t worry! I’ll wait.

Done? Awesome. 

Bioware released their latest trailer coinciding with their newly remodeled website DragonAge.com, which offers new information on classes, characters, specializations, history, and so much more. Mike Darrah explains the origins of the Inquisitor as such “the lone survivor of the magical explosion that creates the Breach, the massive hole in the sky at the heart of the trouble”. As the Inquisitor, “you must decide which paths the Inquisition will take, judge who is guilty or innocent, and pursue the goals you deem essential.” It’s your choice how you want to save, or possibly ruin, Thedas.

As far as the details beyond story, I’ll put it in short form for you here:

The faces of entire family of the Inquisition has been revealed, some we know by name and some left to be discovered. Of course, they will be revealed during each Followers Friday. Not all of those present will be permanent companions, but we have a guaranteed list of 9 confirmed companions. 

From left to right: Cullen, Vivienne, Varric Tethras, an unknown blonde male (possible rogue with the two uniquely shaped daggers on his back), Solas, Cassandra Pentaghast, the Inquisitor, the Iron Bull, an unknown male, Leliana, Sera, an unknown female, and the unknown Grey Warden.

Four character profiles for Varric, Cassandra, Vivienne, and Morrigan are presented, but the most interesting one is Morrigan’s. As mentioned, “whispers carry concern of Morrigan having Celene wrapped around her finger, teaching the Empress forbidden, dark arts in secret.” As illustrated in the Masked Empire, the division between Empress Celene and the Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons is still great and Orlais still trapped in civil war. The Eluvians will play a great matter in power, especially with Briala’s story and Morrigan’s experience opening the portals. If interested in reading events prior to Inquisition, I highly suggest reading The Masked Empire by Patrick Weekes, with a link to buy the book in the description.

The following are each class’s specializations.

For Warriors: Champion, Templar, and Reaver.

For Mages: Knight Enchanter, Rift, and Necromancer.

And for Rogues: Artificer, Assassin, and Tempest.

Let us not delay further, for we have a trailer to analyze. Observations are not guaranteed to be correct, but let’s say that you’ll find more answers than an old hag who talks too much.

We’ve seen this before. Corpses burning and the dead green tint shadowed by the tear in the sky. The fires above.

What we see is the Inquisitor clad in intricate armor, judging by the design of his hood and the barely touched chainmail donned on his chest. Cassandra says he walked out of the Fade as the sole survivor, with a barely shown yellow flag in the distance and the green light emitting from top of the mountain. The blast killed thousands but left the Inquisitor alive with Veil magic. They stand before a keep, with red banners.

Spiders,  where the Inquisitor is wearing a mix of leather and metal as he wields lightning magic. It’s a simple camp, but with man-made or elven-made architecture in the background where a light fixture has Veil fire. 

Blue crystals surrounding a path, where we’ve seen this location near the Dwarven statue at the water. The magic spell has a particular elven seals and writings, similar to what we’ve seen hinted at on the old Dragon Age Keep website. 

A female dragon terrorizing a man-made structure, shifting to the Inquisitor throwing up an AOE rain of fire spell. 

A Venatori warrior with a Tevinter crest emblem, the two serpents, on his armor

Leliana returns, older and in front of a room with the Inquisition flag. 

The same setting we saw against the mountains in the concept art. 

The many-armed creature that floated in the early released in-game screenshot.

The one-eyed troll/mammoth creature from the Environment trailer we saw previously, in a Dalish structure and other portions we have seen before.

The deserted Dwarven beach, where what seems to be a humanoid is attacking the Inquisitor. However, that’s either really dark armor or rock armor. 

The Grey Warden keep from the Fires Above trailer burning and under siege, with Behemoths from the Red Templar faction.

The Inquisitor running with both the Grey Warden and archer that are still nameless.

A frozen, unkempt sanctuary with red lyrium at its center, deliberately presented at the core. 

The underground camp that we’ve seen in the concept art.

And the forests, where the character is peacefully making contact with the troll. It may have a level of sentience beyond its confrontational demeanor we saw previously in the trailer.

A seemingly cold, desolate city, with its Andrastian Chantry statues intact. 

Another Dragon in a snowy landscape with man-made structures and large statues on both sides. Possibly something we’ve seen from another trailer.

Chest hair. I can’t tell you what else.

The nine-eyed demon we’ve seen before now in the fade. You can see the flora and deep mushroom the same as the environment from the World of Thedas trailer. And a pride demon, casting its purple whip magic? 

A rogue Inquisitor dashing to fight a Venatori brute. With stranger man-made statues lit-up in the distance. I say strange because of the dilapidated form of the buildings.

A desert where the warrior Inquisitor rides his horse.

The Inquisitor deliberately closing the Veil breach by raising his left hand

The Grey Wardens, as made obvious by the winged helmets and the Warden regalia, being attacked by the Inquisition, also made evident by the sun and sword emblem on the pursuing army’s armor. The same setting we saw at the first released trailer at E3. 

A dragon, we see, again, with two distinctly curved horns. 

The Keep falling, but something particular is the red/gold banner in the distance. Possibly Orlais? The Coterie? We don’t know why the Inquisition is attacking but it’s possible they may be harboring someone or a selection of people.

The Inquisitor holding out his hand. Specifically his left, which asks the question whether his Veil power is purely in his left hand, his right hand, or both…as the box cover art has his right hand going up.

And at the end, the Inquisitor’s base of planning. The trebuchet, a battering ram, a sword, cheese, mug, books, journals…and the Inquisition we will come to know very soon.

The game releases October 7 this year. You can pre-order your copy of the digital deluxe or standard versions on Origin, giving you all the things listed on screen.  Halla and Bog Unicorn mounts, a customized throne for the Inquisitor, the Flames of the Inquisition gear that comes with weapons and armor for all classes, plus an armored horse, and a copy of the digital soundtrack with other digital content to be had. 

If I may be so bold, this is probably the first pre-order I’ve heard yet that offers this many things for the game. It’s rather extraordinary for only a 10 dollar difference from the standard version. That being said, the Collectors’ edition has not yet been detailed as of this recording, however, the developers have stated it’s on the list for a very near future reveal.

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