Comments and Additions to DA Inquisition Video

1. I don’t think Flemeth is the dragon.

I had the feeling that it was, purely based on what it looked like. But when I got to finally sit down tonight and look at the scales and shape of Flemeth’s dragon in DA2, it got me thinking that there’s no way it can be Flemeth. I like the idea that, if it were actually Flemeth’s dragon, we’d be seeing more conflict between her and Morrigan. Alas, I wished too hard and only saw now the differences.

2. The third ring is the Circle of Magi’s.

I mention this briefly in the annotation, but yes. I didn’t realize that it was until someone pointed it out to me on Twitter.

3. I might be wrong about the sixth blight having a role in Inquisition. But since it was mentioned that there may be one brewing in the Anderfels, as well as two archdemons still exist…I could be right.

4. I still believe the Qunari will have a huge role in the next game. Why? Sten as the new Arishok. MotA’s huge take of the Qunari and Orlais. 

I’m ridiculously tired and still have two more days at E3, so I’ll edit this later on. But these thoughts stand.