Clarification for the "Discover the Dragon Age" panel

All questions pulled from this thread:

"Long shot, but is there any information on what genders can romance Cassandra and Cullen?"
Sadly no. Not yet.

"What exactly did they say about the Warden and Hawke returning/appearing? Did they say they might appear or more that they know they need to wrap up those stories?"

I quoted directly in the original blog post.

This is pretty much the gist of what was said: “We are aware that there are a number of loose threads where player characters are involved”. As far as the Warden and Hawke are concerned in Inquisition, there is a “solid possibility,” according to Mike Laidlaw. He says that those “loose threads” will be tied up and then make even more loose threads in the future.

"What did "The Iron Bull #TwoHander" mean? Were they saying he uses two-handed weapons? Do we know if he’s a companion? "

#TwoHander was a play off a joke from the DND I do with GamerMD83’s character, but anyway… Two Hander meaning he uses a two hander sword. Mike Laidlaw made a reference that in respeccing (which is back of course), you can have Iron Bull use a shield instead if you want. And yes, he’s a companion.

"Will there be three mages in the team?"
3/3/3. 3 warriors, 3 rogues, 3 mages. One of the references said was if you want to have a 4-set tank and spank warrior team running around, you can. EDIT: People are saying that I should not say 3 split, but I recall him saying “even spread” in talking about the classes. I will just ask this question tomorrow at the DAI panel. Cool? Cool.

"The history behind Saarebas magic will be explored, and its culture down the line will be illustrated, but the player’s Inquisitor will not show in this game.’ This confused me, could you please elaborate for clarification. Thank you."

Sorry about that. Basically, Qunari Inquisitors will have a magic skillset we’re accustomed to seeing from other mages trained in Orlais and Ferelden, i.e primal and spirit. The magic that the Qunari (in Par Vollen) and its completely unknown origins will be touched upon in the future, and the true possibility of how Saarebas magic works (compared to how the Dalish have some very different magic like Velanna’s underground movement spell).

"Anyway, I’m a little confused about the part where you mentioned the way DAI is handling romances. You said about Varric’s being humorous and being a buddy, was that just an example used based on the way the DA2 relationships worked? Or were they hinting that Varric might be romanceable?"

Not hinting Varric romance at all. The examples there are reasons why Hawke or the Warden romance (or rather, buddy up wtih) other characters: affection, humor (similarly to how buddy buddy Varric is with Hawke), or painstaking affection (rivalry). They were just examples used to preface what romances mean to people.