Badger, Badger, Badger

Lots of fan questions from Inquisition have been tweeted at the DA developers lately. The devs have been very nice to answer as many as they possibly can (within reason). However, I know Laidlaw mentioned today that he will not reply to questions as much, as well as Gaider reiterating his strong stance on not revealing so many things ahead of time. I don’t blame them.

It’s with good reason: lately, a lot of people spam questions about Inquisition to the devs. Hell, even the people I know are doing it. In my opinion? Chill out.

I’ve noticed a lot of repeat questions spammed from one person. A lot of aggressive attitudes. A lot of “WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME, MY INQUIRY IS OF MOST IMPORT”. Essentially…a lot of badgering.

Now, this may not be you. Or lo and behold! This might be exactly you. All I’m saying (and this goes for all games, not just Inquisition) is that the developers are totally in their right to not answer your question. And sometimes, you just have to let it go. Or google it…because sometimes it’s been answered once or ten times already.

We’re all excited about Inquisition and whatever game we’re interested in. However, remember that these are the people that are in the middle of developing the game. What would you prefer: a developer sitting 8 hours a day to answer each question from each individual fan or a developer finishing the game so it comes out on time?

Yeah. That’s what I think, too.

Let’s chill out and let them release info on their own time schedule. We should be expecting a dev diary, Followers Friday, and other goodies soon. E3 will definitely have some juicy content. If you’re really excited for news when it drops, just have Twitter send automated notifications to your phone when they tweet.

Til then? Enjoy life. Get off twitter cause it sucks. Hug a nug. Have fun.