Channel Update!

Since I’m going back to Los Angeles for the weekend to take care of my old gear, my schedule has been a little bit wonky. Wanted to take the time to address a few things before some more chaos.

1. I will be livestreaming an Asunder/Masked Empire book reading on Thursday, the 26th. Because I hit a milestone on my [Patreon campaign], I will be reading one chapter a week for both The Masked Empire and Asunder. It presently will be live on my Twitch channel [], but VODs will be up on Youtube.

2. I will continue the E3 Primer as “Dragon Age Primer”. No specific ETA, but I should have Companions/Characters done by the first book livestream.

3. I’m still giving away (two) Dragon Age shirts on my channel! Details are featured in [this video].

And that’s everything! Thanks for reading - I hope to get back on task with everything soon.