Calling All Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayers and Fans!


Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayers

After getting some great feedback from some of the well known bloggers of the Dragon Age fandom, I’ve decided to go forward with the project I’ve been working on for the past week or so, 

I’ve been a huge fan of Dragon Age since I discovered Dragon Age 2 a few years back. It’s actually the game that got me into gaming. As interested as I was, I was even further pulled in by Dragon Age: Origins, with a story and characters that I couldn’t help but love. After playing through the entire series, I waited for any kind of rumors regarding the third installment in the series. 

After finding out about Inquisition, I couldn’t contain my happiness…except I don’t have many friends who are all that wild about gaming. Even less that are remotely interested in Dragon Age. So this leaves me in a bit of an annoying situation: DA finally has multiplayer, but I have no one to enjoy it with. 

Here’s where my project comes into play. If you’re anything like me, making new friends out of the blue isn’t that easy, especially in an industry where being a female gamer carries the greater risk of running into people who aren’t exactly nice. So to combat this problem, I’ve decided to give everyone a chance to meet others. 

I’ve created a document on google drive, titled Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayers, and it’s sorted into three sections: playstation, xbox, and origin. If you’re interested in playing multiplayer, it’s as easy as filling out a line on the form. Even if you don’t have the ability to play online, put your tumblr name up and you can get in contact with other fans like yourself. 

I’m not doing this solely for people looking for multiplayer, but also for people looking for likeminded Dragon Age fans. So like I said, even if you’re not interested in playing Inquisition’s multiplayer, feel free to make friends. Talk about dragon age. Babble about how much you like Alistair or Leliana, Fenris vs. Isabela, all of the companions and advisors in Inquisition. You can even start waxing poetic about Dorian’s tasteful sideboob from one of the recent twitch streams. 

Before Inquisition comes out, I’ll have a final list of everyone. But until then, I’ll be reblogging this so that everyone can find it. To find it on my page, I’ll have it tagged as “Inquisition Multiplayers” and you can use it as a reference for other DA fans. 

Edit: If there’s any issues with the doc, please message me and let me know! 

Also, I’ll be leaving the doc open to editing until the Oct. 30, so try to put your info in before then. After that, I’ll be cleaning it up and the only way to get your info in will be through me. It’s at this time that if you’ve had any issues trying to post, that you should send me your info and I’ll put it up.