Dragon Age: Last Flight, Followers Friday, GameStar reveals Solas and the Iron Bull




Last Flight of the Griffons, Followers Friday, and GameStar reveals Solas and the Iron Bull. My name is Ashe - let’s talk Dragon Age.

Last Flight is the next novel within the Dragon Age series, following the story of Valya: an elven mage who was recruited into the Wardens. Her research is devoted to understanding the Blights and the darkspawn, including the strange reports surfacing about anomalies within the Darkspawn ranks. The tale itself will lead her towards uncovering the Grey Wardens’ secrets, some that may change the face of the mighty heroes of old. The book’s author is Liane Merciel, not a developer from Bioware that we have come to know such as Patrick Weekes, author of the upcoming Masked Empire, as well as David Gaider who previously wrote The Calling, The Stolen Throne, and Asunder. Liane Merciel is an author for other fantasy novels like Pathfinder Tales: Nightglass and The River Kings’ Road.  Last Flight will release on August 12, you can pre-order at the link below.

Followers Friday. I’m not talking about the hashtag FF on Twitter, but the new monthly feature by Bioware in order to introduce companions that we will share adventures with in Inquisition. Not all companions will be featured, but once every month we will see a breakdown of the upcoming companions with a slew of pixel goodness in the forms of screenshots for you to enjoy. Vivienne is first on the list, the former First Enchanter-to be, the Orlesian mage that was first introduced in the Game Informer coverage. The post will be coming soon on blog.bioware.com

Speaking of followers, the German game site GameStar has something special for us. In their April issue this year, they revealed new Inquisition news - but more importantly, two companions: The Iron Bull and Solace. Wait, no. Solas. In a statement on the Bioware forums, lead writer David Gaider says that the actual name of the bald mage, that we were introduced to in The World of Thedas trailer and multiple screenshots…his name is Solas. 

Many fan translations of the magazine have sprung up since the release, on Bioware forums, Tumblr, Dragon Age fansites, and more. To quote Patrick Weekes here, “Please just don’t leap to conclusions until you read in your own language.” The information in the article comes from one of Gamestar’s reporters visiting the Bioware studios, but just like the mistake with Solas’s name, there may be other standing discrepancies lingering in the text. I ask that you err on the side of caution if you try and pick up GameStar’s magazine and aren’t fluent in German. But to be honest, that never stopped us:

So from the massive collection from all the Inquisitors out there, here’s a list of Inquisition info. Note that Dragon Age: Inquisition itself is in pre-alpha and there’s always a chance for change, as well as some of these may be just hype:

  • Solas is a renegade mage that is possibly a Dreamer, or in other words, a powerful mage who can enter the Fade at his or her own will. The most known Dreamers are Feynriel from Dragon Age 2, Aurelian Titus from the Dragon Age comics, and Thalsian the first dreamer and the first to claim knowledge of blood magic from the old god Dumat
  • He is an apostate, as made apparent through his very non-Circle-ish attire, and he apparently has great knowledge about the Fade itself
  • (here’s a personal note - Solas has two significant ties in the Dragon Age lore. One: the word Solas means “pride” in Dalish. Two: the word Solas is also the name for a city between Tevinter and Nevarra, mentioned in a codex entry found in the Black Emporium called “The Box of Screaming”. On one hand, it’s possible Solas has ties to the Dalish. On the other hand, he may be pulling an Anders by not revealing his true name (just like Anders never revealed his true name and took his nickname from the Anderfels). As a renegade mage, Solas might be bad news. But it remains to be seen. GOING BACK TO THE DETAILS
  • The Headquarters of the Inquisition is called Skyhold
  • Four voice actors are present, two for male and two for female
  • David Gaider says that the Iron Bull is afraid of nothing, except for his past
  • Players must unlock regions by having a certain amount of strength
  • The Warden and Hawke will make cameos in Inquisition but not as companions
  • The Inquisitor can open rifts to the Fade
  • Hunting grounds will be affected by the Inquisitor’s doing so if you decide to kill off the deer in the area, then they won’t return for a while. Hopefully this extends to spiders.
  • And Dragons will protect their own nests from wily, wily Inquisitors like yourself

And that’s the summation of all things. If you need absolutely more information and are dying for more shots from inside the game and don’t care for Followers Friday or the upcoming dev diaires or any of the screenshots…June 10th.

June 10, the veil will rip in Los Angeles.

Take care everyone, like and favorite if you enjoyed, leave your positive or negative comment in the box below, and I will see you next time.