Bioware Social Network (BSN) gets a makeover, Cassandra and Varric Inquisition Character Kits are up, and OOH fancy dice!

Come look at the shiny here:
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Last week, Bioware released two new Character Kits for both Cassandra Pentaghast and Varric Tethras. Quick recap for those who don’t know what I’m talking about: Character Kits include the full-scale model for different characters we will see in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Armor, boots, jewelry, hair - angled for your viewing pleasure. A great resource for all you cosplayers, artists, modders, and more. You can download both kits for Cassandra and Varric at Bioware’s blog linked below.

Secondly, new Bioware forums! That’s right, the Bioware Social Network, or BSN, is getting a facelift. And a routine gutting, as a few new features are coming up. Jessica Merizan started an AMA thread on reddit, where she has answered fan questions about what’s new with the network.

The bare bones? Here’s what she said:

  1. BSN will finally be functioning on mobile! So if you visit on your phone, you can finally enjoy it on the go.
  2. Moderators now have a better toolset to work with, so expect a better handling of the trolls and bad people on the forums.
  3. Also, guidelines and rules are stated more clearly this time around.
  4. The forum itself will get a new interface and feel, including the opportunities to change your forum name every 90 days and custom avatars! Of course, heavily moderated avatars. And…
  5. A quoted “new landing page to guide players to our key online spaces including Dragon Age Keep, the Bioware Forum, N7HQ, and the EA Answer HQ.

You can see more answers to your questions at the link below, it’s on r/AMA for your viewing pleasure.

And lastly, if you haven’t pre-ordered the Dragon Age tabletop dice yet on Green Ronin and you totally want to, the 6-dice set is available on their online store. Perfect for you fellow Inquisitors who play the official tabletop RPG for Dragon Age. Release date is March 3rd, so act fast for quicker shipping.

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