Ask Box Roundup (FIXED)

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My Ask box is getting a bit full, so let’s take some questions. Didn’t want to flood everyone’s Tumblr feed with questions, so here’s 9 I picked from the pool. 

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Before I say anything, in case you (or anyone) haven’t read the post from David Gaider, please read before I get into this:

Cool. Now, let me address that every video game that you have ever played has had cuts on gameplay, story, etc. There are a myriad of reasons and it’s impossible to attribute one reason to a specific developer or game within a franchise. I’ve seen this first hand in my brief stint in the gaming industry. But, I digress. My main point is that content cuts are necessary. I completely believe you should not panic over content being cut, because that gameplay could in fact be detrimental to your experience. 

If the content detracts from the narrative, it should be cut.
If a quest takes more manpower to create and forces time away from more fulfilling missions, it should be cut.
If the gameplay makes no sense in the world, it should be cut.
If developers are not able to give it the justice it deserves, it should be cut.

Don’t fret over not being able to know what was cut. Sometimes, devs will show you removed content and behind the scenes down the line. All in all, sometimes it’s better you never saw it come to light in the original game. 


Necromancy and blood magic are essentially intertwined. If you read SIlent Grove (I’ll avoid spoiling it for those who haven’t), you’ll know what I mean. As far as blood magic not being included, let’s bring up the quote for everyone else who hasn’t seen it yet:

We’re looking at a couple of different options that still give that quasi-evil kind of fantasy element without trying to go into the nitty gritty of blood magic conflicting with other elements, but we haven’t landed on which one’s going to be there. So we recognise the problem and we’re very cognisant of the fact that we may not be able to do blood magic, but we would certainly replace it with something pretty bad arse. 


That isn’t a definite answer for or against the inclusion of Blood Magic. Necromancy is obviously the replacement, but it can still (and most likely will) include blood magic. That being said, I think Veil magic will actually trump blood magic, so our dependency on blood as a catalyst for most spells will be rendered useless.

I liked using blood magic in Dragon Age, but I’m totally fine with the narrative implication that blood magic works hand-in-hand with necromancy. If Veil magic weren’t a thing, perhaps I’d be more mad? But I think it’s too early to get distressed over the plausibilities of blood magic while it’s still being investigated.


Soon. I’m aiming for next week, but knowing my luck with my computer and its awesome way of blue-screening every other project, will just have to hold off on giving you a confirmed date.


Oh god, I was the same. I depended the console commands in both my playthroughs. It’s not that I didn’t want a challenge, but I just wanted all the content when I could. I feel ya!

Anyway, let’s get to your question. Don’t think in the idea that there are “limited resources”. The ecosystem is organic and consistently growing, and hunting and gathering will open up way more resources to you. There’s opportunity to make money continuously. While I don’t know if there’s a money cheat for the Frostbite engine, or if they implemented one (which they probably did knowing the way they design their conversation system), we should be okay as long as you’re willing to give a little more into the world.

image - It’s a cloud-based service that will allow you to choose and import your decisions into Inquisition. Made in mind also for players dealing with the next-generation console transition. Highly suggest reading the FAQ. I’ll have more on this specifically in the coming weeks.


We only know about the Digital Deluxe version and Standard version at the moment, which will of course not have the DVD included. That being said, don’t worry about it saying that it will only be available for “pre-orders”. In most cases, retailers continue to sell the pre-order versions post-launch. (Mind you, I speak from a US perspective. I’m not sure how international retailers handle this.)

As far as it being “unfair” for its availability, I imagine other methods post-launch will allow players to get these things. It’s pretty early and I would not worry about anything regarding any of the pre-order editions until a month before launch.


Nothing’s been confirmed on anything regarding how online status will work. That being said, I think we’re quite safe from an online experience. After the debacle from the SimCity always-online controversy, EA has been very clear in addressing online status for games, such as their firm stance in offline mode for single-player experiences like the upcoming Sims 4. 


Considering the brand on the Inquisitor’s hand, I think it’s unnecessary for Solas to teach the Inquisitor how to be a dreamer. He or she has already physically been in the Fade and the brand seems to allow the Inquisitor to perform such a feat.

That being said, no. The Inquisitor will not be able to visit the Fade at will. At PAX East this year, the devs said that there are very specific moments when the Inquisitor and party can enter the Fade. However, once they go in and finish that instance, that door is closed off and you cannot return. We will visit the Fade, though we don’t know how often.

Thanks everyone for all the questions! If you’d like to ask one yourself, please send it to my Ask box. <3