Art of Being Me: Instigator vs Spectator

These thoughts are ramblings I don’t take great pride in saying, but use as a carthartic way of breathing out negative thoughts accumulated throughout the day, week, month…or quite possibly, my lifetime.

People who believe that another person doesn’t know anything, and seek to undermine said person, are remarkable.

I shall call the former: instigator. 
The latter: spectator.

Instigators act under a superiority that they know more, and therefore, hold position over the spectator. This presumption is intangible and unproductive. Useless. It holds no monetary value, nor physical worth. While it has the capability to manifest opportunities that share some tangential value, it is subjective to said instigator. Nevertheless - it’s all talk.

I find these people remarkable solely for the following reason: they are simple. To assume another person doesn’t know anything, or rather: a specific item, item, or secret that said person knows, is hilarious. The specator taking advantage of the situation from the instigator is simple; overwhelming the situation is, given the latter is not privy to the former, quite trite. 

For quite a few years since I started competiting, I engaged in this spectative lifestyle. Letting others deal in their squabble and undermining tribulations is…disturbingly entertaining. I prefer my mind to stay in its quiet, idyllic state. To some, it may seem like I lost my ambition. Not in the slightest - if we speak of battle, I’ve conquered many foes through honeyed words and deception. But that life is negative; it breeches a dark energy that I have little care for.

So, it’s remarkable when instigators challenge the spectators. We, so complacently placed, have little cares of the squalor. There’s little victory in vapidity. Though, I shall gaze in awe because apparently air is a grand prize to behold.