A Small Request regarding Theories

Never thought I’d have to post this, but I think it’s starting to get weird across my e-mails/Ask Box/twitter/Facebook messages/G+. I need to start making some guidelines.

So, here it is: Please refrain from sending me your theories on Dragon Age.

Now, you’re probably asking…why? Why bother making a post about this in the first place? Why won’t you read them?

Well, here’s why: A lot of viewers are sending me theories the size of dissertations on any and every topic of Dragon Age lore.

I get it - we’re all fans. I’m a fan. You’re a fan. We love to theorize (and hell, I do it a lot on my YT channel). A lot of us are passionate and very vocal. However, when there’s a flood (I’m not kidding) of messages coming my way with theories that are as long as this…


I SIMPLY CANNOT READ ALL OF THEM. THERE ARE TOO MANY. If you have recently sent me one near to or as long as this, I definitely have not read it. I’m sorry, but it’s damn near impossible at this point. I sincerely do not have any spare time to sit down and thoughtfully read each and every one of these.

If you are earnest in having your theory explained, I highly suggest r/DragonAge or even the Bioware forums. In both places, you’ll find people ready and raring to debate and discuss with you. When I actually have free time, I might even join you. But for now, I implore you to visit those two sites instead of sending it my way. It’s greatly appreciated.

Thank you.