A Note on the Dragon Age Keep Leaks

Some of you may know that I’ve been part of the beta since the beginning. Obviously, I signed the NDA (and even then, I just have a respect for Bioware and the developers). That said, if you want to see the leaks, I’m sure you can find it through some of the people tagging it here on Tumblr. I will not repost/reblog anything regarding Keep that I haven’t been authorized to post.

That said, let me just put this out there:

If you’re going to spoil the hell out of Dragon Age Keep (by showing the leaked screenshots), please put SPOILER tags. There are a lot of people who still haven’t seen Keep, and even some who want to be completely surprised once November rolls around. For the love of god, these are spoilers. Please tag them as such.

Of course, if you’re in the beta, don’t leak anything. Coterie, friend. Coterie.

I’m not sure of the details on what Bioware will do internally, besides the already banhammering of the OP, but I’m sure this just halted the invites going out for Keep. It’s been awesome watching newcomers jump into the beta boards and seeing more people’s responses to Keep overtime, but damn…it sucks to see one person spoil the chances for future Keepers.

(Then again, judging by the original leaker’s responses, I imagine they didn’t really give a damn about everyone else who wanted to legitimately try Keep)

Moving forward, I look forward to new Keepers coming to the beta. I’m happy with the ones who’ve joined and kept their word and confidentiality in the matter (and you guys are awesome and have my respect), but it’ll be more awesome to share this experience with more people.

Those screenshots don’t give it justice. The current Keep is definitely not the final experience. More is to come. When Keep does come out, I look forward to gleefully sharing our own world states and scrutinizing the hell out of everyone else’s.

Just like the Maker intended.