A breakdown of the latest game footage from Bioware: The World of Dragon Age!

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Hello Inquisitors, my name is Ashe. Let’s talk Dragon Age.

On Thursday, March 6, Bioware released a new video showcasing Dragon Age: Inquisition’s environments and locations in stunning detail called “Discover the Dragon Age”. The game, still pre-Alpha and set for launch this Fall of 2014, looks vivid in the new Frostbite engine. In a blog post by Cameron Lee, producer for the Dragon Age franchise, he describes the areas for Inquisition each having “its own realistic ecosystem with predators, prey, factions, and opportunities to expand your Inquisition”. The emergent gameplay will cause environments to improve and suffer at your own hands, depending on the actions you take throughout your search as the Inquisitor.

The video can be found on the official Dragon Age youtube channel and the blog post on blog.bioware.com. Links in the description.

Many different tells from these environments show us the regions, cultures, and characters we will engage in Inquisition. Let us shift into my personal analysis of the video in its entirety. A quick warning that you will hear both fact and speculation from here on out, but please use these to gather your own observations on the new title. Feel free to pause at your leisure - the video runs fast. Let us begin.

It starts with a dwarf statue, most likely one of Orseck Garal, paragon and King during the first Dwarven kingdom. The same king who shifted the capital from Kal-Sharok to Orzammar. The location of this statue is near troubled waters, which can be near Orzammar or on the outskirts of Kal-Sharok.

Shifting to example of the Inquisitor quietly moving to hunt his prey. Players will be able to craft new gear with certain materials and hunting may be your way to get what you need. The game so far in Frostbite looks wildly stunning, from the waterfall down to the puddles on the ground.

The Fade has been touched upon in detail, featured in concept art all across the board, specifically pictures with the originally announced trop Varric, Cassandra, and Vivienne. The ground is desolate with very little flora while the rest is decrepit. 

The wildlife here has a boiling pit, an area that appears one more time later in the video. 

Then, a shadowed keep that we may have seen multiple times in the concept art. Further, some of the keeps scattered seem to be reminiscent to places we’ve been before, like Kirkwall with this keep’s huge chains and familiar door branding. 

This dining hall bears Tevinter’s banners across. The left body is the same armor from the Inquisition, depicted in the E3 trailer. 

Two new creatures show in the video. A fox-raccoon hybrid creature that is very fast, as well as a troll-like creature that looks crossed with the attributes of a mammoth. Tusks, ears, and all, with very thick shoulders and padding as made evident by the arrows in his shoulders. 

The templar base seems less of a keep and more of a small town, due to the walkway not guarded extensively as well as the castle in the background with high windows. As it is a structural weakness, windows illustrates more of a visceral appeal than a practical one.

The raided town I suspect was attacked, then the bodies dragged to the center and burned. In Thedas, other than Nevarra, most bodies are burned on death. Further, the Qunari do not care about bodies. Even though the corpses are distastefully left in the middle, we can access that humans, elves, or dwarves caused this scene.

We get our first glimpse of Orlesian balls, blue curtains and red tones in all of its majesty. And a new companion, a bald Elven mage we’ve seen a few times in concept art. Lanky, staff on his back, and rather tall. 

This is the final shot featuring the land around the Dwarven statue, with the waters rising and fogging.

Further, a Veil beam seems to be pulsating from the sky into what seems to be the remnants of a town. 

The upcoming area seems to be a makeshift camp for soldiers, given the impromptu wooden fence in the distance.

And we see a possibly new city, or thaig, with Dwarven soldier armor we have yet to see. Elegant in its detail. But more specifically, light seems to shine in this place. Something not seen very often in the deep roads.

The wasteland seems to be the remnants of war, as the camps scatter with the broken buildings. And as always, lots of fog.

A broken bridge with skulls and urns lie at the bottom of a broken bridge, a similar setting to the boiling pit we saw previously.

And because we’re playing Dragon Age, it would not seem right without a Dragon.

And that is my analysis of the Discover video. What do you think? Is there more to these environments than what they show on the surface? Do you like the way Inquisition looks so far? Leave your comment down below.

That’s the end of things. Thanks for watching, be sure to use the box to type your responses, rate the video, and be sure to subscribe for more Dragon Age: Inquisition news as they come out this year. Take care - my name is Ashe a la Ladyinsanity and I will see you next time.