How Cheating Ruined The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat for Me


I cheat. A lot. In Sims 4. I'm ridiculously prone to giving up on a normal, Willy Loman playthrough to make my millionaire heiress who bangs every boy in the neighborhood and tops every career. But I didn't realize how bad it ruined my any appreciation for the Sims, including the recent Outdoor Retreat pack. And it may apply to you.

Let me put it simply - this pack is best when you don't motherlode yourself to death. Although you can build the log cabin of your dreams, and buy horseshoe sets, and get yourself a new sexy grill, the experience is in camping. In nature. And man, that did not compute for a long time. You can have your Sims sit around a campfire, using the new interactions for telling stories, or you can play guitar. There's way more ways to roast food over the campfire. And the new herbalist options let you make bug spray and other fun stuff...that you can't buy. But like I said, did not compute. 

I sat at my computer going "Why isn't this good? Where's the fun?" cause I'm so accustomed to one-hit cheating. Then, I started walking around, outside my cabin. Started picking up some herbs. Making my Sims taste said herbs. Heated marshmellows and other good munchies over the campfire. Even sang weird songs. I started enjoying it more. But not enough. My Sim's a city girl. She likes getting the best of the best immediately. She likes picking flowers, but she'd rather get fancy statues. The idea of camping in a remote wilderness a la Henry David Thoreau sounds like a dream, and well developed for what it offers in this pack paired with the new reward traits and clothing, but in reality is for a rugged Sim who'd take in the surroundings...and not the sights. If you catch my meaning. I roleplay my Sims pretty hard, and it's hard to break out of the mentality of "nature means exploration" not exploitation.

So what should you do? Is this Outdoor Retreat worth it? If you're like me, a player who likes buying fancy stuff with simoleons that drop out of nowhere, probably not. If you like making your Sims take vacations and interact with the world around them by collecting and crafting new potions, go for it. It feels like a camping trip. Which is very daunting to a player who goes for right here, right now.