Bioware Merchandise Panel (PAX Prime 2014)

Bioware makes available products, gear, and the like for purchase. When licensing out to Sanshee, Dark Horse Comics, Green Ronin, Treehouse, Legendary, or any of their other partners from a pool of 30, Bioware has 3 goals.

While the products do stem from the universes they create, Mass Effect and Dragon Age in particular, Bioware does not create/fund the products directly. The partners create the vision of the products. Whether they be art or dresses, it's mainly the partners that have the creative freedom. Bioware receives a small share of revenue while attaining full approval rights, while partners can distribute great products and content within the franchises.

Three types of products exist: merchandise, entertainment, and games. Merchandise covers collectibles, apparel, art, and digital content. Entertainment covers books, comics, novels, anime, television, movies, and web-based content. Games cover Board Games. 

Here's a list mentioned at PAX Prime of some products revealed still in development.

  • N7 Beanies and Scarves
  • Miranda Lawson hoodie
  • Morrigan Statuette (in Orlesian attire that we've seen from "The Fires Above" trailer)
  • Morrigan hoodie
  • Inquisition hoodie with its logo on the back
  • Inquisitor hoodie that represents the Inquisitor's actual armor in the trailer
  • Inquisition pens set
  • (Not pictured) An Elcor plushie voiced by the same voice actor from the Mass Effect series. One of the lines apparently is "Affectionately: I love you"

During PAX, the Inquisition bags, wallets, and journals were not finalized, but are now available on the Bioware store. 

Obviously, some products never saw the light of day. The Urn of Sacred Ashes' tray, busty Liara, perfume, energy drinks, and candy. I believe one energy drink was "blood"...which thankfully stayed a prototype.

The pictures explain them all - some of these products are still being finalized and some are available for purchase now.

Ideas for products, merchandise, books, and games come from everywhere: partners, Bioware, and fans. If you have any suggestions on what should come next, direct them to Chris Bain at Bioware. His twitter is @ChrisBainEvery1. (Sorry, not sorry!)

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