Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser DLC Trailer Analysis


Hello everyone, my name is Ashe. Lady Insanity. I'm at PAX. Forget Intros - Let's breakdown the trailer for the latest and last DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition called Trespasser.

Two years. Two years have passed. The Eluvian in a land that looks like the Hinterlands. A female Qunari, followed by a Qunari mage, a Saarebas, who looks bigger than any other we have ever seen in this game. Bound by Rift magic, or perhaps enhanced by it, if you look at the chains. She says "Your duty is done." and the Inquisitor sees them leave the Eluvian. A wolf statue on the side, and the Inquisitor whose mark is glowing. "it is time to end your magic", which is curious since the Sarebaas next to the female Qunari is also using the same magic. It may mean that the Qunari have possession of an orb, and they can finally fight the rest of Thedas without question. Well, except the Inquisitor. The Qunari Alliance is dead after two years. The Sarebaas are more powerful than anything they used to be. Whether they can gain control over their own power, even their own wills, despite any of the control rods, which we learned in Dragon Age 2 are used to control Sarebaas, is a good question to keep in mind.

The Winter Palace. Riding in on stallions, with the Orlesian armor accompanying. Cullen and Josephine in attendance, so this is a diplomatic meet. Josephine as the diplomat, Cullen as the military's face. The Inquisitor walks into a hall where she's visibly late. In this playthrough, Vivienne is acting as the Divine. A duke, possibly now a Grand Duke, is on the left. And a Ferelden gent we see on the right as well later in this trailer. The thing to see as well is the Inquisition banner raised in this room. 

A room that looks similar to the same ones we used in Winter palace, where you had put those Halla statues in to unlock. The Inquisitor here is a two handed warrior instead, clad in full armor, while Leliana walks around in her diplomatic attire. A dead body on the side as well. Quilted-like leather patterns, and considering who is involved in this DLC, the person is possibly Ben-Hassrath, since he looks human. An eluvian as well in this room, hidden away. Now I have to pause and talk about this situation. If you haven't read the book The Masked Empire, I'm going to spoil it right here and now.

Briala, Grand Duke Gaspard, and Empress Celene all know about the eluvians. Briala, in particular, knows the word that makes specific Eluvians work for her at will. If you kept Briala alive in any capacity during the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts mission, you may be at advantage for the DLC. Otherwise, you'll be chasing through Eluvians that the Qunari opened up or just are activated. She never told the word to anyone except possibly other city Elves, it was never confirmed if she had done it already, but whoever killed Briala's partner Felassan before was looking for this password. I'm not sure how much the book will be involved with the game, because although a lot from Dragon Age Asunder with Cole, Rhys, and Evangeline, and their adventures together ended up in the game, it's always uncertain where canon lies and how much of it will be used.

A place similar to the crossroads. It's another realm. Up is down. Down is up. The circular trees are lighting with rift magic. If you remember the Fade, the Inquisitor, Hawke, and crew were upside down and sidewards on the ground as well. The white cloud is present everywhere - if you remember the crossroads, it was faded out for anyone who came through. Technically, according to The Masked Empire, the crossroads is supposed to be a little bit more vivacious with color and flora for Elves, and that race alone should be able to move almost briskly through while humans feel more sluggish. As we didn't see any indication of that when we crossed the first time with Morrigan, it's possible this will be overlooked. However, thought it was a good point to draw out - the fact that Elves have more vibrant presence in the Crossroads. And may be more favorably looked upon. The Eluvian crosses into a room that looks like where we first met the sentinel Elves in Mythal's temple. 

But for now, we're shown a different location, with a green yellow Dragon flying in the air. Cassandra fighting, Dorian. Now look at the building in the distance, next to a lake. The Elven circular tree in the distance. These Eluvians are intact, and this region looks unique. But it doesn't feel like jungle, so we're not near the Arbor Wilds. 

I'm scared of what the Eluvian shows here. It reminds me of Weisshaupt in Dragon Age: Origins. I'm sure it's not, but its a building where the middle looks like an abyss. 

Close to the deep roads, possibly more land like the Storm Coast if you look at the rock formations. Iron Bull's with us and you see a bridge collapse with explosives. The Eluvian here is deep enough that you can see lyrium veins growing behind it. And this one leads back to the Eluvian that had a lake. 

Pay attention to this guy - a unique character compared to all the rest. He shows up next to the Divine. One of the leading nobles of Ferelden.

Now see this guy - a man who has the exact gear as the deceased Duke Prosper from Dragon Age 2's DLC Mark of the Assassin. Likely a Duke or a Grand Duke, judging by what you did with Gaspard earlier. Also, he was sitting opposite of the Divine earlier.

Notice the railing, however, as both the Orlesians and the Fereldens are in the same setting. This is likely a diplomatic meeting between Ferelden, Orlais, and the Inquisition. But as both nations are sitting there seemingly unwilling to help against the Qunari, it's likely that this will be a choice turning point, depending on who you kept on the throne of Orlais, if you had an alliance with the Qunari, and more. It's strange, verging on the line of stupidity that they don't want to be quote "dragged into another war", however no one seems to care that they almost took over Kirkwall and the other Free Marcher city-states, and they will eventually demand to expand. Absolutely hilarious, but we'll see in full context what's happening in two weeks.

The inquisitor's mark is out of control and rapidly going crazy. She says "My own hand wants to kill me" Considering it was Corypheus's orb that provided the power, it's either a mark that has lost its control orb, the foci that was attached to the orb is now in control or causing spastic issues, or the Sarebaas who are now infused with the same magic are now acting aggressively.

Cassandra and Leliana in diplomatic clothes while Harding is in her usual armor. I doubt this is Skyhold. They traveled a distance, wearing diplomatic clothes...I think it's a summit. The one place, however, is that it's in the middle of Orlais and Ferelden. Either an action of hatred between the two nations, or where the knife actually lands...which is Orzammar, but that makes no sense in context of fighting qunari. 

Blackwall and The Iron Bull. Bull willing to help you fight the Qunari, is another thing. Whether you sided with the Qunari as an alliance or you saved the Charges may play out in how much Bull is willing to help you.

Vivienne and a broken Eluvian near her. There is an active one way in the back, however. Dorian as well.

Fade stepping into a crowd of enemies in some ruins, where the architecture is reminiscent of Mythal's temple. Fighting Qunari in the distance as well. The specific thing here, however, is the dark green power, which seems to be channeled by something that I can't discern because yay 720p quality. 

Fighting a Qunari archer and pikeman. This is definitely an Elven temple, with the wolf statue hanging at the left. The place is just as destitute as Mythal's - while it has the small details on the sides, the ground has vines and there's dirt scattered everywhere. But this is the one thing I have to mention specifically in this next frame. Look at the wall and it reminds me of either a dragon or wyvern art. It is winged. Perhaps painted in the same way that Solas had painted the walls of his study in Skyhold. There's also a pyre for probably Veilfire, so we may be using that again to get around to secret areas. 

Spectral warriors and archers that look just like the former sentinel Elves back in mythal's temple. Same body type for the big warrior and the archers. Also the hoods. They don't attack on sight, and considering that the Fade or Rift magic affects them (look at the green silhouette) perhaps they're our friend here?

The doctrine that allowed the Inquisition to be made. The book that allowed Cassandra to create it and the Inquisitor drops it in front of Chantry folk and Fereldens. It may be a final "Screw you" to the Chantry, who've knocked the Inquisition this entire time, and a denial of their power as they're unwilling to do anything else. And this is in the Winter Palace or Orlais, as you can tell by the walls trimmed with gold, but it could also be the Grand Cathedral or anywhere in Orlais, judging by the staff in attendance. 

From before, our possible political antagonist? He doesn't look like any NPC we have seen in this game yet. And definitely Ferelden. 

An Eluvian which looks close to the Hinterlands. 

A hidden passage way underneath an Elven wolf statue, holding a puzzle box and button. Sketchings on the wall, however, that you need to pay attention. Look at the face of the person on the right - they're wearing vallaslin. There's one more faces in the darkness as well, whose markings possibly are being pulled away? And notice that sphere that is against the black art piece - this isn't the first time we've seen it in the trailer. It may just be part of the architecture and have no presence, but I'll point it out anyway because since we found out about the Orb, I don't trust anything or anyone that have spherical attributes.

New armor on the Inquisitor, and she turns to see many bodies frozen. We've seen this before, particularly in Inquisition's main story with the Tevinter and people being frozen with Rift magic. At the Eluvian ahead, there's someone with Qunari horns and someone else that stands.

The Qunari army, equipped with Sarebaas, pikeman, and warriors. Notice, however, that the Inquisitor is running while one of the lead Qunari, who I imagine is a general or the new arishok, is walking into the Eluvian. For now I'll call him a general. He carries something special in his left hand. it doesn't look like an orb, but it may be the parts that the Inquisitor broke. or something that helps go through the Eluvian at specific places. It seems like the Inquisitor and party are too late for this instance. Might I say though that I love how the new Inquisitor armor looks? It's like Calpernia's set. But beyond that, notice how her hand is glowing. Something impacting her may be close, or her mark is just consistently out of control. And the rogue Inquisitor walks through the Eluvian in a battlecry stance. 

A blue yellow dragon we haven't seen yet. It's not Flemeth/Mythal's dragon, and has ropes tied to its head. It's inside an Elven ruined building, however. Looks underground or in a dome. 

And it seems like the Qunari sarebaas have figured out how to unleash their magic powerfully with the Fade. Notice the veins coursing through this one. The one thing I want to note is that when it comes to the magic of the Sarebaas, I believe it was Mike Laidlaw at a PAX panel who said they only concentrate on damage-dealing spells when training the Sarebaas. They are viewed as tools for destruction, so they may have discovered Rift magic as a way to amplify that destruction, so they can take over everything. 

The Inquisitor, Vivienne, Blackwall, and Iron Bull pinned in a corner with Qunari around. Elven ruins - made obvious by the architecture and the Elven archer hanging tall near them. 

Vivienne in her normal armor, Blackwall, Iron Bull, dorian, Sera besides a broken and burning Eluvian, Cole, Cassandra, Varric.

The same scene with the Qunari guarding the one General walking into the Eluvian, however this dragon instead decides to confront them. So the Dragon is involved here in these ruins

And welcome back your favorite companion in the whole wide world, the man who would never, ever try to lead you astray. Solas. In front of an Eluvian. At the end of all things.

That's Trespasser! Thanks for watching. If you want to know what I think this DLC will end up? The Qunari decide to start their invasion. The Inquisition wants to go to war. The Inquisitor and crew go to Orlais to speak with those of the Chantry, Ferelden, and Orlais, who are strongly against it, as it is 2 years post-Corypheus. At the diplomatic summit, Orlais reveals they have access to the Eluvians, but only after the Qunari have access to them as well. Likely the Ben Hassrath invaded the summit. The game deals with trying to fight off the Qunari and reach the source of their power, as well as who controls the orb in which they gained their power. And eventually, we end up finding our lovely ex-boyfriend Solas along the way.