Flycam Tutorial for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Hey everyone, my name is Ashe. I've received questions on how to use the Cinematic flycam tool for PC, and wanted to share a basic tutorial. Let's just jump on it.

The website is in the description. (Previously this link was Download the tool and make sure you know exactly where it is. It doesn't matter where it's located. Extract the folder.

Now, open up Dragon Age: Inquisition using administrative privileges. This means right clicking and pressing "Run as administrator". Open up whatever save you are using.

Now, go to the folder containing the Cinematic Tools. Right click on the program that says "DAI Cinematic Tools". Choose "Run as Administrator.

Click on Inquisition. Just give it a second to load up the map and the world. This window should pop.

And there you have it. The Insert button is used to toggle the free cam. Delete button for the HUD. Use the arrow keys and the numpad to move and rotate. Page up/Page down to change FOV. All of these are in the Readme of the Cinematic tools folder.

Good luck and have fun!