Trailer Breakdown for 'Inquisitor and Companions' Trailer


Hello everyone, my name is Ashe and welcome to another trailer breakdown for the latest "Inquisitor and Companions" trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. A show of three companions for the Inquisitor: Iron Bull, Sera, and Dorian Pavus. If you have not seen the trailer yet, I highly suggest checking it out on Dragon Age's official Youtube channel. Link is in the description. Without further ado, let's get started.

In the last trailer breakdown, I explained some speculation of the ESRB rating. The recently released ESRB's rating summary definitely goes deeper into the context of what Inquisition will offer. Cutscenes will depict some characters being "impaled or getting their throats slit" as well as blood and cries of pain present - all of these indicative of intense violence. I previously mentioned nudity being different, in comparison to Origins and DA2 having only partial nudity. Trying to avoid as many spoilers here, but in the rating summary, there will be characters that are either "topless or have exposed buttocks while lying in bed or after sex" as well as very...raunchy dialogue straight from the game featured in example. It's something that goes beyond PG-13 and you should probably check out on the ESRB page yourself. Link is in the description below.

Moving on, we begin with a pan of the Inquisitor looking at a Keep. However, that Keep has a Fade Rift active in the back - a location that most likely is ridden with demons.

In this trailer, there are a lot of shots with the Inquisitor and party simply attacking Red Templars, Venatori, and demons, so I'll opt out of boring you all with those details, unless something else draws attention in the shot.

Later, the Inquisitor stands with what looks irrefutably like Knight Commander Meredith's sword from Dragon Age 2 - the sword made from a small piece of red lyrium that made Bartrand, Varric's brother, go mad. With him, multiple Wardens stand by, as well as what looks like Stroud on the Inquisitor's left, and demons. Off camera, Sera and Bull are in waiting. NOTE, HOWEVER, THAT NO ONE IS IN BATTLE STANCE. The Wardens are stationary. The demons are still. Everyone is holding, and the only thing that looks dead is the corpse in the middle of all of them. As the Inquisitor tears open the already weakened Veil in this area, everyone just peers ahead. But why would the Grey Wardens and demons be in collusion? 

And a different area where the party fights well armored, indistinguishable men. Who will most likely appear later in this video. Spoilers.

A fight between the party and some armored corpses. A red templar shield is pinned on the ground, with swords sticking out of it. Also, there seems to be what looks like an altar at the top left. The area itself is a wooden structure that seems burned down or ruined to war. Even a ballista is at the top. The area itself seems to be similar to the concept art involving the Dalish caravans that we saw when Inquisition was merely announced. Could be the Dales here. While I do want to say that there's a possibility of necromancy happened here, what's more likely is that the Fade in this area is weak enough that demons poured out here and corpses from the battle continue to linger and fester.

A fight with the Red Templars. And Iron Bull's wonderful circus pants. It's kind of entertaining to see that despite most Human, Elven, and Dwarven warriors are all clad in heavy armor, Qunari, and in particular Bull, just kind of go "whatever" and wear the bare minimum. Bull only has a little shield armoring on his left shoulder and is wearing very clothy pants. It's like he doesn't care, or just wants to be comfortable. Scars make the man, at least, considering there's a lot on his body and he's unafraid of showing those battle marks. I think that's going to really show up when it comes to finding out who Bull really is, as the only past he can't show on his body is his despair over demons.

Switching to the desert and the very distinct night sky, with a huge moon appearing in the background, with the Inquisitor fighting a Red Templar behemoth and another demon.

More Red Templars at Emprise du Lion. You see a templar in the back lit on fire by a mage off screen - most likely Dorian. You can also just catch the silhouette of Sera walking from the left screen while in stealth.

An area where a specific area has more informative detail, as marked by the banner and its glowing light, while on the right screen. The glow is only indicative that it's interactive while playing in game. Other than that, more Red Templar fighting with the magic ball in the sky.

An area with a decrepit soldier corpse fighting Cassandra and Varric. Judging by the green waves spilling from his head, this entity comes from the Fade or is empowered by it. The fog itself in this area may indicate that the Veil is weak here, however it can also indicate a Rift mage is present in the party.

The party at what possibly is the original explosion of the Breach. Corpses are lit and scattered across the ground - deformed in a way that they had no time to flee, and were likely burned to death. 

Some shots we've seen in past trailers.

The introduction for Iron Bull, who in general Qunari tradition wears armor not restrictive at all. Switching to Bull fighting the Red Templars head on.

Then, an enemy change to men in green and gold armor. They'll be popping again multiple times in this trailer, but take notice here the lion armoring of the one man. I had initially believed them to be part of the Freemen faction, but another key figure pops soon.

Some armored demons fighting against Iron Bull, Dorian, Sera, and the default Garrett Hawke, in the Fade. Notice here how you don't see the Inquisitor. This is the first instance of Hawke in the trailer. Definitely not the last.

Notice the contraption on the left, with the item that looks like a compass with a spyglass on top? This indicator actually indicates the player can setup camp in this area. If you defeat the Red Templars here, you can safely setup camp for the Inquisition to gain power and hold some dominance over the region.

Bull continuing to fight the demon in the Fade. If you remember, Bull hates demons. A lot, and that hate also will perpetuate in his character background.

More fighting with Bull, Sera, Dorian, Hawke. There's a small body in the distance that looks the size of a Dwarf, which I want to say is the Dwarven Inquisitor, but as we haven't even seen a Dwarven Inquisitor, or really any non-human Inquisitor being used in one of these types of cinematic trailers, it's more likely an enemy or an NPC. But in any case, Hawke appearance number 2.

Fighting in the same spot from earlier with the marker to hold camp. Namely fighting examples with Red Templars, demons, even more Red Templars, and the Venatori. 

Orlesians? That's what I get from this take, as you see the warrior with a great Orlesian shield - the distinctly elegant blue and gold shield, and the headdress that has red feathers poking out, while coupled with two other enemies that we've seen earlier in this trailer (the green and gold). I'm inclined to believe these hostile men as Gaspard de Chalons men. In other words, Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons, the man who's trying to throw Empress Celene out and become the new Orlesian leader. These men pictured here seem like Chevaliers.

And more fighting here.

A conversation with the Iron Bull and quite possibly members from his mercenary group "Bull's Chargers" in the back left. It's a closer look into the scars across Bull's body, as well as the red and green circus pants he likes wearing so much. Also note how the blood on the Inquisitor's sword and armor stays intact. While past Dragon Age games offered the opportunity to disable blood spatter from battle, the option was to keep blood consistently on the character. It seems like Inquisition has that feature as well. And perhaps NPCs will be able to recognize that blood, just like the previous games.

Transitioning into Sera's portion of the trailer. A very nice stately, yet dark room where the Red Templars are fighting the party.

And Sera fighting while in the Fade. Note the demon statues against the wall, which seems to be clawing at its own face. Something to note - when it comes to the Dark City in the Fade, even the most powerful demons will not venture to it. So it's quite possible that this is a reflection of that fear.

Some B-roll we've seen before from character reveals. 

And Sera fighting with Dorian, Bull, and Hawke against the demons. Appearance number 3. No Inquisitor in sight yet again.

More of the fight against the Red Templars in closed quarters. This place seems to be in Orlais or the Dales, as the rug has that distinct blue color with gold and red trimmings. 

Switch to the Fade again, where the party fights. While in the Fade, a green circular mist of green light swirls. 

Sera talks about an enemy that was all "Obey me!" and gets an arrow in the face. In the back, the man looks like an Orlesian guard or perhaps a Chevalier. But definitely a building in Orlais or similar, as the architecture is pretty distinct. There is rubble on the ground, however, so it's unkempt. 

More of the underground Orlesian area.

A specific throne in front of a very distinct Templar or Seeker mural. Definitely of a female, as the lips are quite pursed femininely. It has a very nice green rug on the right hand side, so whoever owns this area is at least dignified in status.

The party fighting at Adamant Fortress. Or rather, to be more specific, Sera, Dorian, and Hawke. Hawke sighting number 4, and not even in the Fade this time around. 

More of the underground from earlier.

Sera, Dorian, Stroud, and Hawke fighting in the Fade. Hawke sighting number 5. 

Switching to more of Iron Bull and Sera fighting. I find it an interesting touch that there are fossils in the sand scattered across. A very minute detail. Which begs the question - can something die in the Fade? And its physical body be preserved?

In this conversation with Sera, she notes on how the person she killed was, according to her intel from the Friends of Red Jenny, someone the Inquisition wanted dead. It's possible this is the first interaction we have with Sera, or at least one of the first few. In her character profile on the Dragon Age site, it's said that we find her in the streets of Orlais. By streets, it may be during the infiltration of a noble's house and possibly lighting a few guards along the way. All in all, arrow to the face.

Shifting to gears with Dorian in front, as Hawke and Sera are in the far back. Hawke sighting number 6. No Inquisitor in sight. Are you seeing a pattern here, yet?

More Dorian fighting, with skulls on the bottom and the green fog. If you ever wanted a full cavalcade of Dorian fighting, this is your video.

A spider pit where Dorian fights alongside Hawke. Alright, let's stop here. Why does Hawke appear 7 times in this trailer? And for every time that he does, the Inquisitor is never there? When Hawke was re-introduced in the Enemy of Thedas trailer, we do see that Hawke runs up to the Inquisitor, so we do know that those two at least meet up in the Fade. However, why is it that in the actual gameplay and the actual fighting, we don't see the Inquisitor show up at all? That at most, it's only Sera, Dorian, Iron Bull, Stroud, and Hawke? Now this is completely speculative, and may be a bit of a stretch, but it's a possibility I can see happen: I think we'll be able to temporarily control Hawke as a player-character in Inquisition. Of course, temporarily, but considering that we've seen most of Hawke's involvement as part of the Fade, why not give players that last chance to meet the Champion of Kirkwall in the flesh? It just seems so suspicious that we don't even see the Inquisitor pairing with Hawke during each instance of these stills. And it's not from the cutscenes - we're viewing gameplay. I personally think it'd be awesome to play as Hawke one last time to catch up what happened with Hawke, like if you had Varric and Cassandra in your party and just caught up on details between the Kirkwall rebellion and the Inquisition forming. Hell, even find out what happened to Blondie. I think it's a great opportunity that can happen in Inquisition and I'm all for it if it happens.

Switching back to Dorian just being his damn magical self against demons, Red Templars, and the like, a scene pops where the Inquisitor talks about Dorian expecting applause. "What, there's no applause?" The location is broken down and the green fog is right behind, circulating just like the spell Dorian casted during one of the gameplay videos of this year's E3 with Alexius's amulet, where everyone was overrun by the Venatori. This may very well be the result afterward, or an alternative path where the player chose better lasting choices. 

Back to the Orlesians, or what may be Orlesians, attacking Solas. It's merely the same fight but at a different angle that before, so we get a good look at 1. the Chevalier's armor and shield, 2. the variations of colors for these men, and 3. the consistently used lion head embedded on the front of the armor. I definitely think they're Orlesians based off the attire, plus I think it's Gaspard's men, on the account of the lack of purple that is being used to indicate nobles and soldiers loyal to the Empress. But that's just me.

Other than the narrator speaking on the 100 plus party combinations, a Venatori warrior that briefly shows up, holding his mallett with what seems to be a Dragon's skull, and giving a warcry. 

Later, more Venatori at Adamant Fortress are fighting the party. So it seems that in order to capture Adamant Fortress, the Inquisition will need to clear out the Venatori forces in order to claim the Keep and modify it themselves.

Another Chevalier, judging by the distinct feathers in his cap, the huge golden shield, and white armor.

Cutting to the revenant that is fighting. Also take note that this is the wooden base that was lit up earlier and occupied by armored corpses. Notice in the bottom left the structures with multiple skulls in them? If you think that looks familiar, you're correct. The more recent example is in the quest Merrill's Pride from Dragon Age 2, where those skull statues are hanging in the Sundermount mountain where the ancient demon is alive. The one that helped Merrill with the Eluvian. It's possible this makeshift base either unearthed some burial ground or lost area, or possibly the base was merely created over it. Whenever those skull statues show up, it's always in a location where the Veil is the absolute weakest.

And at the end, a demon screeching, because for I believe the first time, there isn't a dragon in any of the Dragon Age: Inquisition trailers.

That's my entire breakdown for the Inquisitor and Companions trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you have any questions, please put them in the comment section below. Be sure to subscribe, as way more is to come, especially some secrets lined up that will come to light very, very soon.

Take care everyone. My name is Ashe - thanks for watching. Fen'harel enansal.