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You know why I'm here. Inquisition - let's get to it.

This is the explosion near what I assume is Haven, the village we know to be close to the Temple of the Sacred Ashes. If you don't notice what these statues at the top are, they seem to indicate a templar-like character on the left and a venatori-like helmed character on the right. The torch on the bottom left indicates a Fereldan area. The explosion itself was invoked in the heart of the village itself. A light blue sphere emitting such green and exploding the village at the top into a landslide. Some of the mages at the bottom are fleeing, while the others are standing in awe. Or terror. The shield at the bottom right is a Templar shield, so perhaps these two were feuding up until the explosion occurred. Also, all the mages have black robes, which could signal either blood mages, necromancers...a whole lot of no-good types.

 The conversation in this shot is a deep male voice calling out the Maker for not being real. The Inquisitor shows in a yellow fog with a humanoid, featuring a strange head, at the top of a Fade-like area. This may be the same area from the E3 trailer in the dessert. I want to note how there's a silver lining at the top of this unknown character that strikes open. The one character seems to have a well as a tall hat. The Inquisitor is deliberately reaching out for this character. Definitely knows what it is.

This is my speculation. Judging by the small hands, the slightly obvious bosom, and the long hat...I say it's Divine Justinia. If you saw Divine Beatrix back during the Dawn of the Seeker film, you know they wear a very tall hat. The Inquisitor wouldn't hold their hand at a stranger, let alone a glowing creature. And the creature is also reaching out to the Inquisitor as well, signifying that they know who the Inquisitor is as well.

Forward to the Inquisitor at the burning area, which seems to be some military camp judging by the wooden spikes as a fence and the training dummy in the back.

The Inquisitor, Cullen, and Dorian. This seems to be an early point, since Dorian is explaining who the Venatori are, as well as their leader (or at least their deity of worship) the Elder One.

The next area is definitely Dalish, or perhaps dating to Arlathan, judging by the halla or similar statues that are massive. Also, the architecture is pretty similar as well. It's definitely an unkempt area, considering the moss scattered on the floor. And a dragon trying to burn them as well. The Inquisitor, Cassandra, Dorian, and Varric.

We hear Cole for the first time. He is definitely mangy in his hair and clothes, with an airy kind of voice. 

A...what we can assume is a mage being possessed or casting great magic. Tattoo on her face, most likely Dalish,  and very well-crafted armor donned. And Morrigan creeping behind her.

In the shot with Cullen, I do have to note that those are templars, shown by the shields. 

The Inquisitor being thrown into the Fade.

Now, I think this is in Skyhold. And this is the Inquisitor and...the Inquisitor. But one with glowing green eyes that makes it overly suspicious. And talking about the Elder One in gross detail. I feel that there's a chance the Inquisitor can band with the Elder One, given the chance. An internal conflict of who to follow and who to serve, who to trust and who to destroy. I really hope there aren't two Inquisitors and this is just a scene in a dream or similar, but who knows.

Blackwall's attacked by a demon, empowered with green power in its veins. Extremely sharp claws with that one.

The Inquisitor being attacked by a huge dragon, fleeing the scene. There is a horn on the Inquisitor's belt, which reminds me of that horn used to summon the High Dragon during Dragon Age: Origins outside the Temple of the Sacred Ashes.

Dorian, the Inquisitor, Varric, and Cassandra affected by an Earthquake. I think the main thing to point out is how ridiculously nice and flashy their armor is. Varric has red-ruby-like greaves on, Cassandra isn't even wearing heavy plate here, and the Inquisitor has shiny scales. Dorian's boots seem to have wing designs about and, to be honest, looks rather bulky for a mage. 

The building behind is falling to rubble from the red crystalization. 

Sera dual-wielding this time around instead of her usual bow and arrow. In the background, there is a huge monster seemingly above. Red eyes possibly. Fighting the demon in a cloud of green fog.

Back to the Inquisitor, which I'm inclined to believe is in the Redcliffe Castle at this point. It looks like the Inquisitor is only crossing because of his Fade magic. He's bloodied up as well. 

Three unknown people sending their swords into the ground. There are feathers in their hair, but the armor worn is pretty extensive so it's not Avvarian.

The female mage we see is human, with a distinct part in the hair at top and a gap between her teeth. She's casting fire magic as well. Something we see in the background is her companion. The same design from page 102 of the World of Thedas. Serpent on their clothing, a la Tevinter.

It's a demon. It's a gross, raw chicken skinned demon with no eyes and awkwardly flexible range. 

Another Dragon who seems really boned, judging by the neck and very solid scales. But important to note that this dragon is in the Fade and affected by it.

Another shot of the Inquisitor inside the Fade.

Solas helping the Inquisitor, or forcing the Inquisitor, to extend hand against a Fade Rift. Can I also note that you can see Solas wearing a knapsack, instead of just wearing his armor.

The next shot is from the same bridge  leading to the Arena we've seen in the environmental trailer. The person seems to use a spell that causes a large area-of-effect damage. Reminds me of the blue spell that destroyed Haven in the beginning of the trailer. 

Shows Iron Bull being sent back, and the Inquisitor and Morrigan staying low. The same Tevinter mage from eariler, or one like, casting magic.

Think the one thing to take from this interaction between the Inquisitor and the Dragon is that the Dragon is docile. This exact shot reminds me of the fiery concept art named "Dragon Tamer" we've seen for Dragon Age. So we know not all Dragons will attack.

Cullen seems to command the Red Templars under his will. 

Morrigan coming out of the Eluvian while still shapeshifted as a bird. There is no way I can describe this blue portal other than the Eluvian. In addition, feels to be in Halamshiral or outisde another Orlesian city. The grounds and flowers are well kept, the golden bordering, the tidy bricked road. Though, they're immediately attacked by some green-smoke, blue magic wielding mage. It's the same blue magic again. In the shot, it reminds me of the concept art with the great building in the middle of a huge source of water.

And probably the most awesome part of everything, Hawke. Yes, confirmed as Hawke. And a Grey Warden to the left, who we've been told is not the Warden, aka the Hero of Ferelden. But this is in the Fade, and their presence is founded by a large spider like creature with bulbous pustules and hair all about it. 

A dragon perched at the top of Redcliffe Castle, about to go after the Inquisitor, who is thwarted by another Dragon (quite possibly the docile one from before). Before you ask, no. This isn't Flemeth's Dragon form. Missing two additional horns.

And that's the new trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Thanks for watching. I'll be back with an analysis of the gameplay seen at Gamescom later this weekend. 

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