Character Customization in Dragon Age: Inquisition (Breakdown)

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Hello everyone, my name is Ashe. On Monday, Bioware streamed on Twitch a demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition's character creator, as well as a section of Valammar and a quest to find and eliminate a carta leader. A link to the Character Creator trailer is in the description, as well as a link to the twitch stream at

But for now, let me guide you through everything that the recent Character Creator Demo has shown us.

With Frostbite 3, Bioware was able to implement an extensive generator for the Inquisitor player-character. It offers a pull-mechanic for facial attributes, similar to Sims 4 and its push-and-pull character creator. 

Many different choices are listed: from topical choices like hairstyle and scars, to very intricate options like one's Adam's apple size and eyelash type. Tattoos differ by race - Dwarves will have distinguished styles compared to the Dalish. Dalish tattoos will be very elegant, compared to practical Qunari war paint. According to Cameron Lee, there are approximately "62 variables" for facial attributes. 

You can of course test the voice in the game - as mentioned before, 2 female types and 2 male types. As far as English-speaking voice actors are concerned, there will be one British-styled voice and one American-styled voice for each gender. You can't interchange a male voice for a female character, and vice versa.

Color wheels are used to determine color range for eye color, tattoos, vallasin (for Dalish), vitar (for Qunari, which by the way is lethal for non-Qunari), and makeup. Of course, certain attributes like skin tone are not determined by color wheel.

All possibilities in creating the Inquisitor are unlocked and are not restricted by creating a new save or anything of the like. 

Players cannot make portraits like Origins, such as the infamous "derpface", as the in-game interface utilizes the well-known green-glowing hand of the Inquisitor. Mike Laidlaw says that because the portraits change to indicate damage and death for the player and companions. Having the hand turn red allows a better visual cue that the player is about to die.

However, it seems that Inquisitors will have their face still planted somewhere. In a cut right before the Inquisitor looks back towards the glowing figure at the end, a screen pops up. It begins with "You are about to capture an image of your character. The image will be uploaded to the Dragon Age Keep as part of your character profile." Both Origins and 2 character portraits will be kept through the Keep, and it seems customary that Inquisition will do the same for future titles. 

And that's the character creator! Make sure you take a look at the hour livestream with Bioware devs Mike Laidlaw and Cameron Lee in the link in the description below. I asked this question on Twitter, but let's do it here! Do you already have a plan for the character creator? Race, gender, horns? Let me know! My name is Ashe - subscribe for more Bioware news, lore, and gameplay. Take care! Fen'harel enansal.