Cause and Effect: The Serpent of Nevarra

Markus Pentaghast is King of Nevarra. But he does not rule the nation.

The King is a wasted soul, languishing in Nevarra's seat of power. The decisions of everyday truly lie in the hands of the Mortalitasi, the mage group that acts as advisors to the current king Markus Pentaghast and the royal line. A set of mages so devoted to traditions, including practices in mummification and, in some cases, necromancy. Most of the decisions, both small and great, are technically ruled by the King. But truthfully? For years, the Mortalitasi have ruled Nevarra through the King.



In the time of the new Inquisition, a new mage surfaces as advisor to Markus Pentaghast. While it's normal for a mage to become an advisor to the royal family, to have such a newcomer become the direct and prime advisor to the King is suspect. Starker rumors believe this mage to be of the Venatori. It's up to the Inquisitor how to deal with the new King's advisor, in whatever means available: diplomatically, subtly, or militarily. 

The consequence of not dealing with the alleged Venatori advisor, or handling it in an inappropriate manner, can be dire. Other than Ferdinand Pentaghast, the direct relative to the King and capable of attaining the throne (though does not want it at all), there are no known successors to the Nevarra royal line. If Nevarra is allowed to fall into the hands of this suspect mage, the nation may become an enemy not only to the Inquisition but Thedas itself.

Be wise, Inquisitor, and choose the best decision for the state of Thedas.