Black Emporium and Dragonslayer Multiplayer, Fenris Returns in New Book


DLC release dates, Fenris Returns, new Inquisition songs ahead, and another merch roundup. 

Jaws of Hakkon was a time-released DLC, popping up on Xbone and PC back on March 25th. And now, Bioware has a confirmed release date for the Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 versions. Tuesday, May 26th. Price is still a penny away from $15. If you are thinking about buying the DLC, but not sure what to expect, my review of Jaws of Hakkon is up on this channel. Link's below, and don't worry because the intro is spoiler-free.

If Jaws of Hakkon's not your thing and you're looking for something a bit more familiar, The Black Emporium's release date is confirmed for Tuesday, May 5th. The DLC is similar to its predecessor from Dragon Age 2; the Mirror of Transformation allows you to change your Inquisitor's appearance, while vendor tables allow you to buy new weapons/crafting materials/schematics/and more. Also, Xenon the Antiquarian is still the owner, thanks to the lovely Yavana, so he may say Hello. 

Coinciding with the release date is the Dragonslayer multiplayer expansion, which offers a new location in Fereldan where you finally get to slay a dragon with friends. Also, you can play as three new characters: the Avvar Skywatcher who combines magic and melee, Zither the really cool Virtuoso that casts magic by playing the lute, and Isabela. If you need me to explain Isabela, you should play Dragon Age 2 because the Pirate Queen of the Eastern Seas needs no introduction.

Both the Black Emporium and the Dragonslayer multiplayer expansion will be free and again will be downloadable May 5th.

As far as book news, David Gaider hinted at a familiar face returning in his next Dragon Age books - Fenris. While the book isn't about him, the lovely/broody elf Fenris will be playing some role in the upcoming novel. To clarify: yes, Gaider left the Dragon Age team for Bioware's new IP. He won't be writing for the Dragon Age games or DLCs. However, he is writing this book.

But as far as unannounced DLC goes, Elizaveta, the original voice behind bard Maryden's songs featured in Inquisition, tweeted that she is singing new songs. It's already been hinted that Bioware is making new DLC campaigns, likely related to Darkspawn, but new music is a different road to the dreary Deep Roads and very, very exciting.

As far as new merchandise, Dragon Age World of Thedas Volume 2 is coming out very soon, officially releasing May 6 through Dark Horse Comics and the Bioware Store, and May 12th from other retailers and your local bookshop. Regular price is $40 and the Exclusive Edition through the Bioware store is limited to 2000 copies at $80 each. Additionally, Sanshee is selling three new items: an Inquisition Heraldry shirt for $20, a big Mabari Plush for $50, and two sets of character button packs for $6. Links for both World of Thedas Volume 2 and Sanshee's new gear are in the description below, including everything I've talked about thus far.