Complete Dragon Age List of BooKs, Comics, and Media

Dragon Age is more than the games. It has extensive lore that has gradually expanded through books, lore, short stories, and more. As requested by some of my viewers, I present an ongoing list of all games, books, and comics that exist for Dragon Age.

Included are links to purchase or read Dragon Age media, such as Amazon (international shipping) and Dark Horse Comics (digital copies). 

Dragon Age, From Old to New

The following list is a suggested way to read, watch, and play all of the BioWare canon-related Dragon Age stories in chronological order—from old to new. This order is built in a way to both respect the time of events and avoid early spoilers.

All titles in bold are highly recommended stories. (I'd normally suggest them all, but for the sake of precious time, I picked the ones that have multiple layers of influence.)

  1. Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne
  2. Dragon Age: The Calling
  3. Dragon Age: Origins
    • A Tale of Orzammar
    • The Golems of Amgarrak
    • Leliana's Song
    • Return to Ostagar
    • The Stone Prisoner
    • Warden's Keep
    • Witch Hunt
  4. Dragon Age: Awakening
  5. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker
  6. Dragon Age 2
    • The Exiled Prince DLC (Done in Act 1)
    • Legacy DLC (Done in Act 2)
  7. Dragon Age: Redemption
  8. Dragon Age 2
    • Mark of the Assassin DLC (Done in Act 3)
  9. Dragon Age: The Silent Grove
  10. Dragon Age: Those Who Speak
  11. Dragon Age: Until We Sleep
  12. Dragon Age: Asunder
  13. Dragon Age: The Masked Empire
  14. The Riddle of Truth (Short Story)
  15. Paying the Ferryman (Short Story)
  16. Paper & Steel (Short Story)
  17. Dragon Age: Magekiller (Issues #1-2)
  18. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    • Jaws of Hakkon DLC
    • Descent DLC
    • Trespasser DLC
  19. Dragon Age: Knight Errant
  20. Dragon Age: Magekiller (Issues #3-5)
  21. Dragon Age: Last Flight
  22. Dragon Age: Deception

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Third-party Comic

  • Dragon Age by Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnson, Mark Robinson, Anthony J. Tan (2011)
    Amazon ] [ IDW Publishing ]

BioWare and Dark Horse Comics


Short Stories

Dragon Age 2 Companion Short Stories

Dragon Age: Inquisition Stories By Joanna Berry


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