How to Get a Job at Bioware - PAX Prime Bioware Base is the site that you are looking for for jobs, including (but not limited to): art, design, programming, HR, junior and entry positions, internships, and more. Here are some points of interest.

Show and Tell
Never doubt the impact of a good portfolio. If you have a personal blog or website, it makes yourself easier to present. They do enjoy demo reels, not just for art/design but even coding and community positions. If youre a coder, expect code reviews. They want to know your code is up to snuff. If you’re looking for a community manager, include events you’ve planned, pictures of appreciative fans or employees at your events, etc.

Side projects? Show them. Bioware is interested in those who show enthusiasm outside of their normal work. Whether it’s making apps, comics, or writing on the side, include it in your resume. They desire those who don’t sit in their thumbs. 
“To finish something is the best skill you have.”

Your Skill, Your Passion
Don’t restrict yourself to just being a character artist or any position that you don’t really care for. Be honest with yourself and your prospective job of interest, as you will be giving your best work. Don’t always expect fun, but expect satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with your work, choose another job of interest.

As far as skills, even if you don’t know a certain program or tool, take the initiative to know and learn. It’s better that you show you’re willingness to adapt (especially since most toolsets will fade in time, your ability to adapt is most advantageous).

Expect it. Try and try again. Never stop. Jessica Merizan noted that she applied three times before Bioware hired her, and others fell into the same as well. If you’re uncomfortable going straight to the company, go to other sites (example: CGhub, CGsociety) to get your work critiqued by others. Or, get your jerkiest friends to peer review your stuff. You need honesty, not a mother’s sympathy. (“Oh, that’s nice dear. Very pretty.”)

The Resume 
Put your best work. The worst piece in your profile is expected to be your best during a rush. Demo reels or case study examples are great. Blog? Link it.

Cinematic Designers
A lot came from a background in machinima. Make them! Whether you use a toolset or anything similar, your basis of being able to couple technical skill with telling a story is the most important.

Have a strong foundation. Switching tasks is helpful, as you might be required to help out other venues of skill (like rigging).

Look for EA University Relations for opportunities not only at Bioware, but across all studios. BW has slightly longer intern periods than other studios. They have internships for all disciplines.

Show your analytic side when reviewing other marketing campaigns. In trailers - what works? What doesn’t? Know how to analyze Bioware (or the company that you’re applying for), but don’t bring it up unless asked in interview. Just have that knowledge to your disposal. Do it right.

Precision and conciseness is what you’ll need. You’ll be working with project managers to help make things happen.